Info for Leasing

An increasing number of rental scams, internet-based and otherwise, is just one of the many reasons why enlisting the help of an Illustrated Properties agent when looking for rentals is a sound investment in your future peace of mind as a satisfied renter. The talented team at Illustrated Properties will help you to find a lease that suits you. From the possible neighborhoods you may be interested in, to the amount of space you require, you dictate the features you're looking for in a rental, and we'll help you find one that you'll simply love living in. Not only is the Illustrated Properties’ team advantageous because of our extensive knowledge and network with regards to the rental units themselves, but they're on-hand to assist with other aspects of navigating a rental.

  • Review the lease. Are you content with your conditions of tenancy? If not, negotiate those provisions before signing. Don't know what to look for? An Illustrated Properties agent can help.
  • Get it in writing. Have you agreed with the landlord to a repair, temporary guest situation, or other item not listed in your lease? Make sure it's documented.
  • Protect Your Privacy. As a renter, you don't own the property, but you do have a right to be left alone. Know what kind of notice you're entitled to, or when and how the landlord can enter your dwelling.
  • Habitable Units. Renters have rights to habitable living spaces, and nearly all landlords are required to abide by them. Livable premise requirements include adequate weatherproofing, heat, water, electricity, and safe structures and premises. If you have a question, ask. The most important element of a rental situation is open and honest communication.